the tri (tree) is a group of changemakers, social entrepreneurs and friends working together to promote healthy living and sustainability

who planted the tri?

about a decade ago, a group of pioneers in the natural foods and organics industries joined together to create a community where conscious people could unite to bring about positive change for humanity and the environment

why the tri app?

the tri is the world's first all-in-one sustainable living app. it features a number of tools that motivate you and your community to become a force for change and get rewarded

the tri app rewards program

rewards program

take daily actions, complete challenges and unlock special offers and rewards from brands like Sambazon Açaí, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, Numi Tea and more

the tri app media platform

media platform

learn how to go green from expert tri residents on our curated channels like biohacking, zero waste, mindfulness and environmental activism

the tri app social community

social community

join the sustainable living community growing around you, connect with fellow changemakers or share your voice and create your own group

whether you’re an experienced pro for sustainability or just starting out, having this guide in your back pocket enables you to make simple yet powerful changes to your life

how to use the tri app?

using the tri app is as simple as these 3 steps

the tri app actions section

step 1

take actions, get rewards!

the tri app channels

step 2

discover curated content from sustainability experts

the tri app community section

step 3

connect with the growing sustainable living community